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    We ensure the authenticity of bank notes to secure all your future transactions.
    right to your home or office.
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    Businesses across all sectors develop a more robust system when they choose our solutions.
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    Improving Business

    In an advancing world,
    we believe in innovation that helps us improve the quality of business transactions.

Welcome to Recto Technologies

As a leader in currency circulation technology, we provide dynamically improved solutions all businesses.

Known for its excellence, Recto Technologies was formerly known as SS Electronics, before being renamed in 2018. We established our base at Chennai during June 2006. Our company offers high quality cash management solutions and ensures the effective delivery of the same. We serve both large and small corporates, building close relationships with our clients and partners to maintain the bonds of trust and service. Our cash management systems are affordable and they range among various categories to ensure all of the options are covered.


Helping businesses operate in good faith. We ensure our clients receive formidable solutions for their cash management operations.


Ensuring the highest standards of technology. Our solutions are always spot on. This is what makes our clients trust us.


Building strong foundations of trust. We maintain long term relationships with our clients, ensuring they receive service as and when needed.

Our Products

Currency Counting Machine

We sell currency counting machines
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Fake Note Detector

We sell fake note detection machines in Tamil Nadu....
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Bundle Note Counting Machine

Bundle Note Counting machines serve as cash counting machines
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Mixed value counting machine

We also provide mixed value counting machines in Tamil Nadu.
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Spiral Binding Machine

We have the highest quality of spiral binding machines in Tamil Nadu.
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Lighting Works

Expound the actual teachings of explorer of truth masters builder of human happiness.
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We believe in innovation that helps us improve the quality of business transactions.

Instilling Values, Improving Business!

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